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  1. “Vermin” “They are poisoning the blood of our country” His rhetoric traces directly back to Adolf Hitler. In a normal time, he would be immediately shunned out of politics. Out of our public discourse. Every American would be horrified at him dredging up the evil that almost consume
  2. Summing up yesterday: Good morning, Ivanka. Ivanka: I do not recall. It wasn’t a question. Habba: I object! On what grounds? Habba: I need grounds? And you’re all caught up.
  3. The person who left for The Hague and the person who came back, are not the same person. Prosecuting war crimes changes you. The sheer weight of it. No one should have to experience it. Few can do it. It teaches you to be cold. Process the atrocities that have occurred, all the sen
  4. He threatened Mike Pence, Mark Meadows, Bill Barr, General Milley…the list goes on and on. A narrowly tailored gag order was issued to stop him from intimidating witnesses in his upcoming trials. He asked for a stay of the gag order while it was being appealed. It was granted. He imm
  5. BREAKING: Trump’s Gag Order has been reinstated by Judge Chutkan. Details to follow.
  6. Donald Trump loves to call Chris Christie a “fat pig.” He calls just about everyone he doesn’t like “not smart”, “stupid” or “dumb.” He says Joe Biden “hates God.” He calls women ugly, uses physical appearance to mock and insult, calls the news “fake” and “phony”, calls our military
  7. Schedule for the Trumps to testify in the NY civil fraud trial: November 1 — Powder Ranger November 2 — Fredo November 3 — The one that got away. November 6 — Don Trumpolini
  8. DC: Full scale lawfare in progress. It’s been raining motions to dismiss and delay. Furious opposition incoming from the DOJ, including a motion to lift the stay on his gag order and revise the terms of his conditional release. Mark Meadows immunity deal raises the stakes. The gl
  9. Joyce Vance just gave us all a reason to breathe a HUGE sigh of relief. Last week, when we learned the trump case had been assigned to Judge Aileen Cannon, I argued that Jack Smith had considered all the possible outcomes, including having Cannon preside over the prosecution. Tod

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