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Musings of a Texas #teenylaw lawyer

Lubbock, TX

God follower; wife to David; owner; mom to Copper; Lady Lawyer; and contributor; business-law prof at LCU School of Business because I’m not your lawyer unless you do!

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  1. Absolute worst shoulder pain today and random muscle spasms in my calf. Like seriously. Why is my body failing me? 😭😭
  2. #AppellatePost
  3. The episode is out. Nothing earth shattering, just a reminder to take care of yourself this holiday season. And to gift yourself kindness, patience, and understanding. Enjoy! #appellatepost
  4. A real text I got today from an Atlanta colleague #AppellatePost
  5. KVP has arrived!

    Not making the move completely yet, but wanted to make sure I could still find my favorite peeps if that bird site goes away. So here I am! Who’s around this morning?

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