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North Wales, PA

Political and news junkie. Chairwoman for MTDC. Love to travel. Avid Photographer. Qualitative researcher specializing in politics and pharma.

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  1. I’m Still Standing—Literally

    2022 was pretty crappy for me and I’m happy to see the back of it. I don’t talk about my story often, because I hate reading about horror stories and I don’t want to stress other people out who may b
  2. Dems need to continue to deliver in 2023 to keep democracy safe

    Dems Delivered in 2022. We need to keep building on that success in 2023. That means turning out Dems to vote for school board, Township Supervisors and County Row offices in 2023. These offices are
  3. High Over Chicago

    One more photo from yesterday’s flight. It’s really amazing how different the light was looking out toward Lake Michigan vs being out over Lake. Michigan and looking at the shore (yesterdays photos).
  4. Wow. Tulsi is actually good for something. I doubt Tucker would have approved, but way to hold #Santos feet to the fire.
  5. Got some great shots of the #Chicago skyline flying into O’Hare this afternoon. #photography #travel
  6. The Arctic is here.

    It’s freezing here in Wichita. -5 degrees. Feels like -29. 30 mph winds howled all night. It will be even colder tonight. Needless to say we aren’t leaving the house today or tomorrow. But, at l
  7. {See also Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 , and Part 4 of this ongoing series.} In the first two parts of this series, I focused primarily on a group of public figures many of us already know from their work els
  8. This is good news. Now the question is how long Texas women have to suffer before a similar #abortion argument makes it to #SCOTUS.
  9. Introduction

    Hi. I’m a #political and news junkie and Chairwoman for the Montgomery Township #Democrats here in #PA. I’m also the Communications Director for the North Penn Area Dems. I love #cooking, #travel a

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