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  1. Please vote! 💙
  2. The person who left for The Hague and the person who came back, are not the same person. Prosecuting war crimes changes you. The sheer weight of it. No one should have to experience it. Few can do it. It teaches you to be cold. Process the atrocities that have occurred, all the sen
  3. I'm here for it!
  4. I think it’s pretty safe to say that with his fake charity for veterans, him lying about donating his DC earnings to veterans and of course him blocking over 300 military promotions which is a deliberate assault on our national security that idiotic GQP scumbag Tommy Tuberville i
  5. This week's blog post is ready. I'll be honest: Reading legal documents isn't usually this much fun. The Boss (Trump) Told His Staff to Destroy Evidence
  6. Good to know.. Take that Traitor Frump!
  7. What else do you want? My full DNA sequence? #Threads #Meta
  8. For all you Twitter refugees that are thinking of going to Blue sky... Keep in mind that Jack Dorsey is endorsing the fake democrat RFK Jr. And he also sold us out to Musk.
  9. Hi Post! We're trying to find all of our Twitter friends on here. Can you please consider RePosting this and join us as we build out our platform on here?
  10. Still learning, but so far, I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of this platform. The general kindness of everyone I’ve encountered so far is refreshing, to say the least. It already has a ton
  11. Useful Information: If you have a gmail account you actually have infinite email addresses, here’s how. Say your email is, email actually has a feature where you can add + and then w
  12. Read this please
  13. #love ❤️
  14. Teds a boss!
  15. This is great lol
  16. Thank you for this reminder. We have shown what we can do when we work together!

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