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I like all the facts, and they need to be the truth.

New England States

Navy Vet - Nuclear Subs. Chemist. Engineer. Moderate Democrat. Hometown in PA - have lived in MS, CA, MD, ID, RI, CT. Often wish I lived in Montana or Idaho. Have visited Germany, Mexico, Canada, Russia, and most of the 50 United States. Have you seen the subject of my banner photo in person?

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  1. This guy wandered past my trail cam earlier today.
  2. -8F overnight in parts of Connecticut. Meanwhile, in Hawaii...
  3. so true
  4. Your periodic reminder that Donald Trump is solely responsible for Ashli Babbitt’s death.
  5. No comment needed. This speaks for itself.
  6. A noisy chicken is eggstatic.
  7. rerererererecursivecursivecursivecursivecursivecursive
  8. We named our dog "Metronome".
  9. The popovers were good tonight...
  10. We also have coyotes and bobcats. Our dog is an equal opportunity barker.
  11. This guy wanders through our yard periodically, sometimes weekly.

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