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Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity

Kyiv, Ukraine

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  1. Political prisoners are people who also sacrifice their lives, health and their destinies for the sake of freedom and democracy. Crimean artist Bohdan Zyza was sentenced to 15 years in prison for pouring yellow & blue paint on the city hall of Yevpatoria (Crimea). He began hunger s
  2. Reposting this.
  3. New policy of China outlined

    By his statement, the China ambassador to France, in fact, outlined the new policy of China: "There is no intern'l agreement to make their status as a sovereign country concrete". Putin with his invasion opened such a Pandora's box that the consequences for the whole world aren't y
  4. #Ukraine #War #China #PetrPavel #CzechPresident
  5. DICTATORSHIP IS CLAMPING DOWN HARD AGAIN The absence of strategic military successes isn't a deterrent for #Russia . It continues, with donkey stubbornness, to throw resources into the war's furnace. Including human ones. Rolling down more into totalitarianism, #RU adopts increasing
  6. The Land of Z. New level of danger.

    The story with journalist of WSJ Evan Gershkovich clearly shows the further fascisization of #Russia , the high level of danger for foreigners, including foreign journalists, the use of terrorist methods by #Putin and #FSB with the taking of civilians hostage. #RussiaisATerroistSt

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