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Probably listening to an audiobook. #Vote

New York USA

Every vote(r) matters. Pats fan, dog lover, fish mom (and Pisces). Audiobook addict. Occasional crocheter. Believer in science, vaccines and Dr. Fauci. LGBTQ ally. Researching genealogy and my Mayflower great grandparents. Kindness matters. ๐Ÿ’œ Love is love.

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  1. Um โ€ฆ he lied to get his job. The voters voted based on a million lies. Shameful, Kev.
  2. 38th ๐Ÿ˜ก
  3. This sums up both parties well.
  4. I feel seen
  5. Ffs
  6. Whoop whoop! Go Bat Girl! The Shero we need in the Senate. #KatiePorter #News
  7. Katie Porter is my #Shero
  8. Groundhog Day โ€ฆ Round 6
  9. This โœ…
  10. Oh look! Itโ€™s like Groundhog Day! Happy Kevin McCarthy Embarrassment Day Part Deux! ๐ŸŽ‰
  11. Lol
  12. Ha! Congratulations Patty Murray!
  13. Re-upping this.
  14. Yup. #Karma
  15. Happy Kevin McCarthy Embarrassment Day to all who celebrate. Congratulations!
  16. This. Both remarkable women.
  17. What a remarkable woman. May her memory be a blessing to her family.
  18. So much corruption
  19. Just saw an ad for a show about โ€œwhat happened to RudyGโ€โ€ฆ. Wtf โ€ฆ just donโ€™t care. Hope he ends up in prison.
  20. Lol @emmettdoog reminds me of Emmett and S-A-L-L-Y.

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