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  1. So in Michigan the police will be arresting ppl who live together and aren’t married? Yeah that’s more important than the fentanyl epidemic, killings, etc
  2. The Debt Ceiling was raised 29 times under Democrat POTUS while it raised 49 times under a Republican POTUS. McCarthy and the Rs, Trump, spent $ without regard to the debt and now they hypocritically pretend it’s important? They will cost each 401k about $20k loss if the debt ce
  3. It does explain their projection onto Democrats
  4. Perfect depiction I’ve seen
  5. Democrats need to reframe the narrative calling them the pro death party. Rs took the mantra pro-life cuz it helped them sell themselves. Time for a deliberate rebranding
  6. If there is a settlement part of it must require their personalities to on air for one week admit what they said and did to their public.
  7. While I’m no expert on curbing mass shootings the Republicans have managed to reduce the narrative down to the “Dems want to take away your 2nd Amendment right” and therefore it fuels the selling of more and more assault weapons. I truly believe this one dimensional thinking perp
  8. Brandon Frazier, actor, seems to be a very humble person and very talented. Just saying.
  9. So perhaps her colleagues are letting her know that manipulating Kevin to get status won’t be enough to actually achieve anything?
  10. This is perfect! Thank you Hakeem Jeffries for the perfect ABCs
  11. Well said👇🏻
  12. 👇🏻
  13. 👇🏻
  14. Yes but the Rs are investigating Biden’s ties to China?
  15. @feedback it would be nice to have a feature that shows of those we follow who also follows us. Just a thought.
  16. Privatizing Education is not the answer.

    #IowaPublicSchools will be destroyed if the Republican government is successful in diverting tax payer money to fund private schools. They used to be #1 or #2 in the Nation but this Governor started d
  17. The Santos fraud story actually broke in September by the Manhattan local paper the leader, but nobody paid attention the D opponent said he couldn’t get anyone to pay attention. Local papers are like
  18. I saw your Post on Twitter. I agree with you in part. And I am disgusted that the GOP probably knew this if they vetted him and didn’t care about his lack of integrity. I actually think we need to ove

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