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Hello! I love writing, reading, and anything creative. Engaged and graduated from CSUF. Ready for this new social media!

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  1. Amazon quote of the day is insane

    So this is big news. I was starting my morning coffee and asked my Alexa what the quote of the day was. Well look at the photo at what it said. This is outrageous.
  2. Starting today both productive and in the Christmas spirit by wrapping almost all my gifts this year. Makes me feel great knowing it’s almost all done.
  3. Aubrey plaza in white lotus

    I don’t know if anyone else is watching the #whitelotus but I don’t understand the hate toward Aubrey plazas character. I total understand those emotions.
  4. View from downstairs starting to decorate for Christmas. #holiday #celebrate
  5. Very good statement.
  6. My first post post. Excited for this app already looks better then the bird one.

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