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  1. "Protesters are demanding the resignation of President Dina Boluarte, fast new elections, a clear out of Congress and a new Constitution to replace a market-friendly one dating back to strongman leade
  2. By Jonathan Stempel (Reuters) -City National Bank, a unit of Royal Bank of Canada, agreed to commit at least $29.5 million to boost lending to Black and Hispanic home buyers in the Los Angeles area to
  3. By Emma Farge GENEVA (Reuters) -The U.N. human rights chief said that the death penalty was being weaponised by Iran's government to strike fear into the population and stamp out dissent, saying the ex
  4. Millennium Park,Chicago--in a few days,this will be buried in ❄️❄️❄️
  5. BERLIN (Reuters) -Germany plans to tighten its gun laws in the wake of a suspected plot by a far-right group to violently overthrow the government and install a minor royal as national leader, its int
  6. WorldCup

    France's defense did it's damnest today to keep the game close for it's competitors --Play that way against Morocco and see what happens-- 1 0

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