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Alex Kirshner


Writer and college football podcaster

District of Columbia

I'm one of the co-hosts of Split Zone Duo, a college football podcast. I'm a freelance writer. You can find stories I've written all over (Slate, FiveThirtyEight, GQ, and The Atlantic are some recents), and you can find me on Twitter @alex_kirshner. Available for weddings and marathons.

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  1. It's The Big College Football Bowl Week

    Big bowls week! We're recording a Split Zone Duo later today to talk about them. I think my favorite non-Playoff bowl is Alabama-Kansas State, because it carries with it the possibility of Alabama hav
  2. Figured South Alabama was going to put a hurting on WKU in the New Orleans Bowl. USA is missing 2/5 of the offensive line pus a few other contributors. Not happening that way! Shows me for trying to f
  3. In praise of the EMU Eagles

    At this point the most underrated coach in college football is Chris Creighton at Eastern Michigan. Margin is not close, imo. Nice bowl win for him today, and if you consider his EMU career in totalit
  4. Trying to figure out the appropriate posting tone on a new platform is a very funny endeavor. Every single thing I say is even money to be How Do You Do, Fellow Kids
  5. This solicitation to follow me on Post is the kind of countercultural, rebellious messaging that Elon doesn't want you to see. Stand up to tyranny by posting with me on Post.
  6. Heading to Across the Pond in DuPont Circle D.C. to watch UTSA and Troy play a Friday afternoon bowl game this afternoon with some other Split Zone Duo listeners. You have my permission to come and te
  7. This isn't my first post. I've been posting for years.

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