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Elon Musk and Donald J. Trump are the two worst human beings currently on planet Earth.

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  1. Biden should drone Mar-a-Lago every day until the Supremes rule on the presidential immunity bullshit.
  2. Biden needs to expand the Supreme Court to 17,000 justices.
  3. As of now Marianne Williamson has more votes in Michigan than Dean Phillips and she dropped out of the race two weeks ago.
  4. Biden’s State of the Union speech should just be him showing a reel of all of Trump’s flubs at his rallies.
  5. Can someone set an alert on SCOTUS' Alexa? What the hell is taking so long for the most obvious decision ever?!?!?
  6. Merrick Garland is a Russian asset.
  7. So the same folks who said Black people are 3/5 of a person are now telling us that frozen embryos are people? Got it.
  8. Seriously who the fuck are the 1% who plan on voting for Jill Stein?!?!? She has zero chance of winning a single electoral vote, she does fuck-all nothing in non-election years, she steals recount money, she's Putin's pal and it's nothing but a big grift election after election a
  9. Nobody should EVER speak to a member of the GOP "behind closed doors."
  10. I say just let Trump be Trump. But in a tiny cell with no windows and nothing to eat but the parts of the salad the rats didn't want.
  11. It's only a matter of time before Alabama declares that a bullet is a child.
  12. I want to buy a pair of the gold Trump sneakers and then kick him in his orange Trump balls.
  13. Not only is Donald Trump the worst president of all time, he'd be the worst anything of all time. The worst cab driver, the worst fireman, the worst pretzel vendor, the worst dry cleaner, the worst magician, the worst gym teacher, the worst tailor, the worst lounge singer....
  14. I don't care if Fani Willis is fucking my wife with a dildo strapped to her forehead. Donald Trump must live in a prison.
  15. I just took a ten-minute nap. Is Trump still alive?
  16. Trump comparing himself to Navalny is like a one-legged brain-damaged flea comparing itself to The Hubble Telescope.
  17. I think I'm gonna wait for the Trump socks.
  18. If Moscow is so amazing why did Tucker get a round-trip ticket?
  19. I can't wait until our leadership exterminates Tucker Carlson -- who obviously would TOTALLY understand.
  20. The same people whining about Biden’s age will happily vote for 90 year old traitor Chuck Grassley.

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