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Liverpool FC fan, IRWS lover, Peloton fanatic, wine drinker

Chicago, IL

Mom of five adults, I live in Chicago and it is not a hell hole, non-practicing lawyer

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  1. Someone got a new bed that is a but too big, but she will grow into it #OrlatheIRWS #dogsofpost #puppiesofpost
  2. When the world brings nothing but bad news and anxiety it is nice to know that Orla exists and is nothing but joy #OrlatheIRWS #dogsofpost
  3. A new puppy for your enjoyment #dogsofpost #puppiesofpost
  4. This story needs to go super viral so everyone can participate in the social and legal annihilation of every cop, judge, and politician involved.
  5. I only want good things for Sha’Carri Richardson. The way she was pilloried during the last Olympics cycle was absurd and shameful. Completely embarrassing to see grown adults clutch their pearls over an elite athlete smoking a joint. I hope she wins every damn race she enters.
  6. This is still one of my top favorite SNL skits of all time. One of the best cold opens — and apropos as SCOTUS dismantles years of progress on equality. Matt Damon as Brett Kavanaugh, nailing it 10/10. If you haven’t seen it, drop everything and watch immediately. I can’t picture
  7. Can confirm 100%
  8. Storm outside, someone is not happy #DogsOfPost
  9. Away with the dotard, to the jail with him!
  10. It should be a no-brainer that No Labels should have no ticket.
  11. He's an evil, soulless, lawless, amoral, immoral, conscienceless, and remorseless narcissist, psychopath, and criminal. That's all you need to know.
  12. Brilliant and so true
  13. Watching the Super Bowl reminds me of what a trash network all of Fox is.
  14. USWNT Let’s Go!!
  15. Never forget what they did—in service to Donald Trump:
  16. All I’ll say is Republicans LOVE to hear themselves talk.
  17. I agree, fascinating…
  18. Following not Explore

    Glad Post has shifted the default to Following rather than Explore. Did people on the bird site actually allow their feed to be directed by Most Popular rather than Latest Tweets? I want to see what I
  19. They knew it was bullshit. We all knew it was bullshit. Because it's just so obviously, clearly, without-a-shadow-of-a-doubt bullshit.
  20. Decades of research have conclusively shown that: --The solution for homelessness is building homes for those who need them --The solution for poverty is giving money to those who don't have it --The sol

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