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Well behaved women rarely make history. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

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  1. By Dan Rather (Photo by Samuel Corum) A thunderclap hits the headlines. How long does it take for the full impact to sink in? Can we even comprehend all that it implies? While we knew another indictment for Donald Trump was likely, it is impossible to be fully prepared. There will be
  2. They did try that in a small town. And 376 officers waited 74 minutes to confront 1 guy with an AR-15.
  3. By Dan Rather Many people are called legends. Few embodied the word like Tony Bennett, who passed away this week at the age of 96. His voice. His presence. His style. He was timely and timeless. He had an otherworldly talent of coaxing the sublime out of the music he sang. But he
  4. Right-wingers are now raging that Biden’s climate policies will force them to drink “plant-based beer.” All beer is plant-based.
  5. By Dan Rather Photo credit: Aliraza Khatri Temperatures around the world are soaring to record heights. Lives are in danger. Our infrastructure cracks. The very balance of our planet tilts to a perilous extreme. With this truth, so omnipresent and flagrant that it can no longer be
  6. Minnesota Republicans brought up Duck Dynasty and alleged discrimination against white guys with beards during a Senate debate about a bill banning race-based hair discrimination.
  7. Donald Trump raised the debt ceiling 3 times -- ballooning the national debt by 39% in just 4 years.
  8. President Biden just eliminated all Electoral College counting loopholes that will prevent the next Trump from trying to cling to power by pressuring the Vice President and using slates of fake electo
  9. Kansas recently celebrated a big win for reproductive rights. Things are very different just across the border. An on-the-ground account of what trying to access abortion care is like in Kansas City no
  10. Ginni Thomas confirmed in her Jan 6 deposition testimony the “best friend” she referred to in texts with Mark Meadows was in fact Clarence Thomas. Ginni’s texts implied that calls with Justice Thomas h
  11. The absolute BEST explanation of what’s going on at SWA that I have seen yet! By Senior Pilot Larry Lonero: What happened to Southwest Airlines? I’ve been a pilot for Southwest Airlines for over 35 year
  12. I apologize for all the pics but I have whole camera roll of pics I took and then either forgot about or didn’t like enough to post but now kinda like. Sorry about that. Anyway, here is Gotham, the city
  13. I am working through the holidays, but still struggling with what day it is today.
  14. Mailing my last batch of cards two days before Christmas, which is keeping me on brand. 🎄📨
  15. Winter wonderland and one brave soul out for a run. #PostPhotos #Photography
  16. Science is pretty great. 🔬
  17. A situation that initially appeared to be a huge bummer for me turned out to be a positive. Thank you so much to my wonderful followers for that. But the bigger picture is Twitter's descent into petty
  18. When Wilma Rudolph Played Basketball is a book about the childhood of Wilma Rudolph, a legendary sprinter who won three gold medals at the 1960 Olympic games in Rome. The book, which is 32 pages long,

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