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Mom • Wife • Helper • #TeamPete

NCTeamPeteFan on that other social media platform. Just a suburban mom of college age boys and dogs who started following Pete Buttigieg supporters during the 2020 primary because they are good humans who restored my faith in the American people. My passion is supporting caregivers and families of hospitalized pediatric patients. Pete is still who I choose to be the leader in the future I want for my children.

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  1. We did it, #TeamPete ! We got @secretarypete to 10,000 followers in the first 24 hours on Post! Can we get him to 25,000 by Monday morning? Please repost! Let's keep it going! #Democrats #Politics #Democracy
  2. #TeamPete are you out there? 👀

    First post with one of my favorite #PeteButtigieg quotes. Looking forward to finding other #TeamPete friends here to perfectly curate my feed. 😊 NCTeamPeteFan on the app that Elon ruined.

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