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Family and child wellbeing, southern rural communities, complexity and change, policy and politics

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  1. A detailed, important analysis of Trump/Russia 2016 that is stomach churning.
  2. “Other studies have shown that practicing mindfulness can rewire the brain, leading to long-term changes in behavior and thinking, said Sara Lazar, an associate professor at Harvard Medical School. I
  3. There has been no shortage of analysis in the past several weeks about rural voters and their role in determining the outcome of the midterms. Yet during a visit to Shamokin, Pa., Senior Fellow Tony Pi
  4. I’d like to see news feeds by region on Post with local news organizations represented.
  5. Some important points here. In addition, the micropayments model could help revive flagging local news operations, promote independent journalism, and help even successful writers reach beyond their s
  6. “There is no reason for the advertisers to ever come back, and no reason for any journalist to stay.“
  7. It appears I reposted Mark Cuban’s entire timeline on my profile. Sorry Mark, little Post glitch, not trying to steal your identity!
  8. I have a feeling things are going to get more interesting here. May I suggest that Post set up RSS news feeds of leading news outlets Call it @nytimesfeed @Espnfeed @washpostfeed etc. Or any outlet n
  9. First Post

    An early adopter on Twitter advised me to determine a mission and speak about it under a real identity. That served me well for 13 years, so I’ll be thinking about it in a new way. I like the micropay

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