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Proud Democrat, dog lover, bibliophile, occasionally funny, 🏳️‍🌈ally. Twitter handle: @khrissychoate

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  1. My Dad had his first round of chemo back on December 16. He is now running a low grade temperature. It started last night and broke. It came back again this evening. Is this normal? I’m worried. Prior
  2. So much for the “genius businessman” facade.
  3. Advice on how to really help friends and loved ones struggling with depression

    As someone who was diagnosed with major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and PTSD as a teenager, I would like to share some tips on what helps versus what doesn’t. If someone doesn’t
  4. This is what we woke up to this morning. Our front door in a casing of ice. It’s a whopping 6 degrees outside at 4:41 PM.
  5. There are two accounts here for George Takei. @georgehtakei and @georgetakei , which one is the real George Takei?
  6. I’m currently reading 20th Century Ghosts by Joe Hill. It’s a collection of short stories. So far my favorites have been Pop Art and Abraham’s Boys. What are you reading?
  7. Dear lord, this needs to be a much bigger story!
  8. In the future I hoping for a way to gauge how many people read posts on here, similar to the ability to view tweet activity on Twitter.
  9. Calling all horror fans!

    I’m a huge fan of horror books and movies. Please drop me suggestions for both. I really like Korean and Japanese horror films. I enjoyed the Grudge films and Train to Busan. Thanks for your suggestio
  10. If you have the means, will you please help in-need children this Christmas? ❤️🎅🏼❤️ Below is a wishlist for a Foster Care Closet. Foster parents and children in group homes are able to select items f
  11. It never fails to make me laugh when the 2A wackos start talking about what the “founding fathers” would want as far as gun safety and regulations. These people don’t seem to realize that the “foundin
  12. Republicans will always put guns and the “Second Amendment” over people’s lives.

    I’m sharing a thread of mine from Twitter because it contains a portion of the response I got from Rand Paul when I wrote him months ago to plead with him to vote to ban weapons like AR-15’s from our
  13. In a world full of fake Christians like Candace Cameron Bure and Franklin Graham, we need to shed light on actual ones like Amy Grant.
  14. This is truly great show! Is anyone else watching?

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