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Author, blogger, grandma, tree hugger. Lover of life in all its forms; well, almost all.

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  1. I just posted a new piece for Intl Women’s Day at Check it out!
  2. My daughter snapped this handsome guy during a ski outing yesterday.
  3. NEW: Nevada Supreme Court issues unanimous opinion DENYING Republican National Committee's effort to politicize review of signatures on mail-in ballots. Cements victory for DSCC, DCCC and Nevada voter
  4. Today is Pearl Harbor Day

    If you're interested in WWII history, check out my friend Valerie Anderson's book, Pearl Harbor's Final Warning. She just won a gold medal for history from the Military Writers Society. More info at
  5. I just posted a new blog piece, take a look: Thanks! (I am loving this space.)
  6. First post; loving the look and looking forward to seeing Post grow. Hello and Happy Thanksgiving!

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