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I'm here for great journalism, NO conspiracy BS, & cat pics!

Escaped from Texas in 2022 & loving my new state, Colorado! 💙 pro-union, pro-choice, pro-science, pro-voting, pro-democracy

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  1. New in Public Notice: Republicans are responding to a tight labor market not by improving wages or working conditions, but by exploiting children. Conservatism in a nutshell.
  2. In less than 2 weeks, a major election will be held for a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Here's why the outcome of this race could affect voters across the entire country.
  3. Millions wasted, & faith in elections severely damaged, while MAGA grifters like Kari Lake abused the trust of AZ to promote claims already proven false over & over again...
  4. By: Asima Ahmad “Asima…this pregnancy appears to be over.” As an OB/GYN myself, I could read the ultrasound at my nine-week checkup, and I knew what it meant. But I made my doctor say it out loud. My husband and I already had three beautiful children and had assumed we were “done.”
  5. Important news - Biden administration has opened thousands of new spots for the resettlement of refugees but they first need citizen sponsors. The model draws on an approach that Canada has been using
  6. Ten stories you might have missed yesterday on Post. How profitable is election denying for campaigns? What's the legacy of January 6 two years on? What does the Bradley Fighting Vehicle mean for Ukra
  7. But tell me again how women are too emotional….
  8. #Caturday
  9. Here's footage of the full sequence of events starting with Matt Gaetz voting present, followed by McCarthy confronting him, and culminating in a near brawl among Republicans on the House floor.
  10. Best quote I read: "Republicans can't even peacefully transfer power to themselves. "
  11. After this week of actual pans, zooms and three whole cameras, going back to the sad, lone camera shot of the podium is going to be tough...
  12. Ten stories you might have missed yesterday on Post: Detroit's unemployment rate falls below 7% for first time since 2000. Democracy and voting rights are again front and center in 2023. The economy i
  13. Welcome to 2023 where carrying a gun without a permit is now legal in half of America's 50 states.
  14. At this point, I'd really like to know what is TRUE about George Santos.
  15. As Post becomes a go-to hub for news & analysis, #PostReads spotlights ten pertinent articles on the platform every day. The DJ and the War Crimes Rolling Stone via @noahshachtman More false claims from
  16. Greta bringing the 🔥🔥🔥.
  17. We consider AZ one of our adopted home states with a place in Show Low that we love. Happy to see we will have sanity in the AZ Attorney General's office with these final recount results. But wow, wha
  18. But will the GOP do anything to stop Santos, or hold him accountable?

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