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  1. Free money is the best money

    If you plan on buying a new Galaxy device within the next two months, might as well throw your name on this list because Samsung will give you $50 in credits. There's no commitment to buy anything, Regardless if you preorder or not, you still get the fulll amount.
  2. Well, this is terrifying
  3. Hello fellow Posters - haven't been here for a while and figured I'd pop in let you know everything remains horrible. In other news: Twitter is still a pile of poo.
  4. I have bad news if you have been relying on the Dropbox unlimited storage plan
  5. Elon Musk is the world's richest coward
  6. Yup, this is real life. This is not a dream.
  7. We out here.
  8. yea, i write newsletters
  9. This is alarming:
  10. KnowTechie Weekly Download

    Hey! I write a weekly newsletter for KnowTechie. It goes out once a week, and the premise is simple: Catching you up with all the week's tech news because surely you must have missed something, right? They go out every Saturday. Feel free to read last week's here (which I sent on
  11. I swear, we are living in a simulation
  12. i'm the guy who updates all his apple devices at the same time and sits in his office quietly with no entertainment whatsoever to pass the time by. I just sit there. Extremely quietly. Looking. Watching. Judging.
  13. Do I know anyone who uses SaneBox?
  14. AI leaders sound the alarm with a 22-word wake-up call

    AI’s looming dangers have brought big-name researchers and CEOs to their keyboards, dashing out a concise 22-word wake-up call that urges humanity to grapple with AI risks at the same level as pandemics and nuclear war.
  15. Oof, Facebook has been slapped with a massive $1.3 billion fine by the European Union (EU) for violating digital privacy rules.
  16. helluva post, please read ya'll. This certainly applies to every single living one of us.
  17. Disney makes a lot of money from traditional cable viewers, so hard to see them walk away from a pile of money just to bring ESPN to a streaming-only option.
  18. Oh Montana
  19. At that price, buy a MacBook Pro and call it a day

    The Pixel Fold: when a simple $900 smartphone just isn’t enough to impress your friends. This phone costs an easy $1,700. At that price, buy a MacBook Pro and call it a day
  20. i blogged

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