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Dad. USN veteran. Cancer survivor. Burrito maker. Wine drinker.

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  1. GOP House talking point, "Democracy is messy" is the most projection-y comment.
  2. This little dude.
  3. This turd will be the Judiciary Committee chair in the next Congress.
  4. Did Trump finally jump the shark with his MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT?
  5. COVID 19 pandemic happened under Trump's watch.
  6. What's happening on Twitter ( takes a peek) ? Bobo, Tucker, Dinesh, Gym and the bunch tweeting about the grievance of the day. Ugghhh. I'll stay here on Post :)
  7. Nailed it.
  8. Signing onto a conference call with my Army colleagues. This should be fun. GO NAVY!
  9. Kristen Sinema...
  10. My first Post! Excited to explore this new social country.

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