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Los Angeles, California

Marketer, producer, and consultant for digital content and gaming. Forever St. Louis Cardinals fan. Here for the takes.

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  1. Rangers are out of their mind spending that much for deGrom unless they’re picking up a ton of depth soon. Not saying it’s a bad decision but what’s their window right now? MAYBE 2024? No way they tou
  2. I really am hoping more publishers decide to follow Reuter's model and publish their articles in feed. I could find myself using that as my everyday news feed if it was available
  3. Yeah that’ll show em
  4. It does feel like blocking/muting are table stakes for a social network at this point
  5. Is there any sort of #fitness community developing here yet? Curious if we can carve out a space for real discussions on health that get around the bad diet culture discourse you see most other places
  6. No notes on this headline
  7. Here’s @noam responding to @taylorlorenz on the A16Z investment:
  8. Whether or not Post works out, it's been fun to see this develop in real time with transparency from the team. Wishing them the best of luck
  9. The world famous Postettes
  10. If you say you don't like sports but like reality shows then you like sports
  11. As a baseball fan I have to find a secondary sport for the offseason, help me decide: Open to smaller sports Not an NFL/NCAAFB person for a myriad of reasons Enjoy games where fans support the whole leag
  12. Let’s try and move on

    I’m glad to see more original content. I know a lot of people are mourning the old bird place but I couldn’t take all the endless talk about the site 24/7 and making Elon the focus of everyone’s atten
  13. I was about to repost the first awful, blazing hot take I saw on here about incels but it was removed before I could make fun of them Well done, Post
  14. I doubt any of my takes are worth $5
  15. Where are the #baseball hot takes at
  16. Genuinely helpful tip
  17. I had the chance to interview Bill Walton once. He didn't answer any of my questions and at one point told me "Don't let your dreams be dreams, Kevin" This was at E3 while he was wearing a tie-dye ESPN
  18. Has anyone from the #esports industry moved over yet?
  19. Trying to find more #baseball writers to follow. Going to force this community onto Post whether they like it or not tbh
  20. Oh no t-minus 5 minutes until the "RT and follow if you think democracy is good" accounts are here

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