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  1. Flu Shot Time

    My daughters and I got our flu shots this evening. My youngest (22 months) watched me get mine and then got hers without a peep. The nurse said I flinched more than she did.
  2. An amusing way to compute pi using random numbers:

    import math import random n = 10000000 in_circle = 0 random.seed() for x in range(1,n): a = random.random() b = random.random() if math.sqrt(a*a + b*b) < 1: in_circle += 1 print(4*in_circle/n)
  3. By Dan Rather Credit: Malte Mueller When historians look back to analyze this era's toxic irrationality, they may well focus on the anti-vaccine movement. How tragic that we have to stand up and defend one of the most successful health innovations in the history of our species. Vac
  4. My Post follow list is already looking better than the mess I’ve got on Twitter. There are advantages to starting with a clean slate.

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