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Lover of Coffee, Books, Wine and of 3 humans/ 2 fur babies. Avocado addict. Beach Resider. RA Warrior. USC Alum. Kindness. Gun Reform. Equality. LGBTQ ally

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  1. Jim Jordan isn’t even fit to be Speaker of the Waffle House.
  2. After watching the Jan 6 committee today, my overwhelming reaction is just how profoundly sad it is that Donald Trump was POTUS.
  3. THREAD: This is simple. We had INTERCEPTED COMMUNICATIONS showing Rudy was THE TARGET of RUSSIAN DISINFORMATION about HUNTER BIDENS LAPTOP. That’s why PRIVATE social media companies CHOSE not to sprea
  4. Amen and amen!
  5. Anytime there’s a barrage of new folks, I try to give a primer to help get them started quickly. It’s easy for those of us who have been here awhile to forget that Post feels very foreign to new folks
  6. This is a tragic night over on Twitter. Do me a favor please, on Twitter my handle is @_AdrianWright , I’m assisting with providing direct invitations to Post issued thru Post staff. If you personally
  7. Happy Holidays! My first official Post. Glad to be here.
  8. For posterity, before he also gets banned

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