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Rocking the most famous suit in Indy since 2011

Writer, reader, aspiring full-time retiree. Host of Radio Free Book Club on 99.1 WQRT-LP, available wherever you stream podcasts.

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  1. Most of the reviews for Tom Perrotta's Tracy Flick Can't Win were positive. We...may have had a different take. We'd love to know yours.
  2. A little more about some of my favorite books of the year, paired with Warren Zevon songs.
  3. @thehighsign Long-time fan, first time poster. Just wanted to tell you how much I loved Camera Man. Thanks for a great book.
  4. Happy Reading

    Hello, Post. Want to know something about me? Here's a list of my favorite newish books that I read this year. Crossroads by Jonathan Franzen 2 a.m. in Little America by Ken Kalfus Shrines of Gaiety by

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