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Ken Culver


Lifelong Democrat

Jaboticatubas, MG, Brasil

Married resister, retired, sports nut, animal lover, tree hugger, LGBTQ ally, BLM, Antifa. Living in SE Brasil, but make it back to Florida frequently.

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  1. It’s a BEAUTIFUL thing!!!
  2. Photos are back!! Woohoooo!
  3. Photos STILL MIA…😢
  4. My pictures and bio photos are missing AGAIN…
  5. Anyone else having difficulty with photos disappearing from the feed on here? All of the photos I have posted, including my profile pics, are gone…
  6. Recent visitor to the homestead…
  7. What happened…??
  8. You betcha donnie! Can’t wait!!
  9. One of the bright new members of the Republican Party, flashing the white power sign in Congress. He will fit right in with those lying, cheating, stealing racists.
  10. Any questions??
  11. Here’s to a great New Year here on Post.News!🍺🍻
  12. …but guns aren’t the problem, right?!

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