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Dad. Dog-lover. Opportunity expander.

Chicago, IL

Leading innovation in & beyond through creative partnerships that provide new pathways to opportunity for all @NortheasternU

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  1. All the news that fits?

    Can someone explain why the NYT editors put "Elon Musk Shakes Up Twitter’s Legal Team as He Looks to Cut More Costs" as the headline, while Respect for Marriage Act, SBF arrest, Patriot Missiles to Uk
  2. Theo and Stanley are glad dad is done with the bird app and hoping that means dinner is imminent. #dogsofpost
  3. Join what is sure to be an interesting conversations at my panel "Opportunities for #AI in Reinventing the #HigherEd Operating System" on Tues.
  4. Took some solace hearing on Pivot that both @karaswisher and I drove AMC Pacers as our first cars (mine was called the Eggplantmobile) and look how cool she turned out. Maybe
  5. Just really liked this quote from the Lancet.

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