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I’m here to learn about people, places and things.

Near the DE Beaches

She/her. Politics junkie. Proud Democrat. Follower of ATP tennis. Life is good at the beach. IG @ kellzinde

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  1. Thank @adamparkhomenko
  2. It’s about time DOJ took off the kid gloves in dealing with Justice Clarence Thomas and his seditious wife Ginny. Ginni’s damning text exchanges with Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows — which the tran
  3. Love him. Love his animal advocacy. #Queen #BrianMay #Royalty #animalrights #music
  4. Holy shit
  5. I'm really looking forward to the new platform, Pulitzer.
  6. Mark is mad. I would be too. 😂
  7. This says it all
  8. I like it here on Post. No EM. No DT. I’m staying, no matter what happens over “there.” I’m not on social media for followers or engagement. I’m here to learn about people, places and things. If foll
  9. I left Twitter a week ago, and after what just happened, I’m pretty happy with that decision. Looking forward to more folks making the switch.
  10. Hello Post! Happy to be here!

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