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Mitten native that likes to talk politics and news | Writer | Property Management Guru | Former Award Winning Multifamily Property Manager | GenX | CRPS Survivor | Fact Oriented | Believes it’s possible 

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  1. Copied from a wise, loving friend on FB. #kindness creates #peace in our world.
  2. Happy #caturday ! Going to be beautiful weather in the Mitten this coming week!☀️ Indica says Happy Spring! #cats #Postcats #pets #Postpets
  3. Trump Indicted

    And there we have it folks! Grand jury in Manhattan votes to indict former President Donald Trump. He will be the first former President to face criminal charges. Details of charges are not yet known, but this is the case that involves hush money payments to porn star Stormy Danie
  4. Work has been so busy and such long days… I’m so happy #caturday is here so I can relax! #cats #postcats #pets
  5. Spring is only days away!

    Won’t be long, and it will be apple and cherry blossom time in the northwest of the Mitten❤️ Michigan produces about 75% of the nation’s tart cherries and 20% of America’s sweet cherries. Michigan is third in apple production, with Washington and New York in the top two spots. #
  6. ☀️Happy Monday Posties🌷🌸🌹🌼
  7. Michigan Dems delivered this week🙌🏻 #DemsDeliver #Politics #News
  8. Happy #caturday ! Indica has the right idea… I think a catnap is in order today. I love when they curl in a circle like this😍 #PostCats #Cats #PostPets #Pets
  9. I can’t wait to go camping! One foggy summer morning in the Mitten’s maple forest😍 #Michigan #PostPhotos #PostPlaces #Photography
  10. #Leadership #PostQuotes #QuotesOfPost
  11. Hot off the presses! gifted article/no paywall #Trump #News #Politics
  12. The results of the vote in the MI House on universal background checks… sadly, another hard party line vote with every Democrat voting in favor and every Republican voting against. On to the MI Senate it goes! The package of bills would require a background check for all purchases
  13. Make 82% of what my male counterparts make for the same output. Read studies that say that women doing less housework is "making them fat." Spend two more hours on housework, childcare, and unpaid labor today than my different-gender spouse, despite us both working full-time. Be 1/
  14. Michigan Democrats passed the House bill for universal background checks!🙌🏻 #GunControl #News #Politics #DemsDeliver
  15. Dems in Michigan delivered on the votes earlier, with more to come as they keep it going late tonight. The MI House passed two of the bills in the package of bills that will repeal the Right to Work laws, with the details on the third one still being hammered out. Get all the det
  16. Dems are working on delivering in Michigan!

    Busy legislative day today with MI House votes on universal background checks, anti-discrimination protections for the LGBTQ community, and **drum roll** finally repealing Right to Work laws!! It’s only March, and Dems in Michigan are rocking their new trifecta🙌🏻🎉 #DemsDelive
  17. Easy like Sunday morning🎶

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