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  1. Last night on this platform a journalist shared a podcast by a disability advocate critiquing the Biden administration’s and the CDC’s disastrous and misleading public health messaging and vaccine-cen
  2. Me gobbling up all y'all's pet/quilt/woodworking/ceramics pics
  3. Reminded how long it took to mute all the topics/people I found annoying on Twitter. Rebuilding that is going to take some time
  4. Here is a link to the location of Elon's jet. It's all public information. But you can't post this link on Twitter. Because Elon doesn't want you to.
  5. I could really use a favor... (re-post if possible, thanks) I write a newsletter about media, politics, and culture called The Present Age . For as long as I've been writing it (about 1.5 years), Twitte

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