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Chicago podcast producer, writer, Cubs fan, space geek and a beacon of restraint and self sacrifice in a squall of car crazies

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  1. Happy Perihelion Day everybody! I hope the Perihelion Holiday Hobgoblin brought you some great gifts
  2. Zoey: "What's a Senator?" Kevin: "Well there's this group of not smart people called 'Politcians'..."
  3. Let my Christmas spirit wash over you
  4. Happy Hanukkah to everybody celebrating
  5. It's time...
  6. On this date in 1903 the Wright Brothers made the first powered flight in history. The in-flight movie was really short.
  7. The science is settled
  8. Considering that the “King” over at Twitter is acting like…well… The King! and throwing his diaper in the air, it is fitting that today is the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. Here it goes. Massach
  9. Saturn and its icy moon Dione captured by the Cassini spacecraft. About two thirds of Dione's mass is water ice. Credit: NASA/JPL/SSI
  10. Check out my “Following” list—a curated selection of great follows in politics, journalism, entertainment, tech, art, and law—for many, many more surprises beyond those below. I hope you’ll share this
  11. This announcement would have been better with Dr Bunsen Honeydew explaining it and Beaker running around in flames in the background, but it's still an amazing accomplishment the same week NASA was sh

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