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  1. Not quite there yet! Is if safe to let the Piper/pupper out before the big sky booms start happening in Central Time?
  2. Stretchy pants at the ready. Here we go into maximum overindulgence. Cheers to everyone. Happy holidays to one and all from me and mine xxx
  3. That feeling when you’re tired and you really wanna sleep but the left ear radar is in surveillance mode and just won’t let you #DogsofPost
  4. Just watching the world go by
  5. Oh, you wanted to exercise you say? Not a chance. This seat’s taken
  6. If you’re overly wrinkly, gravity does you no favors…
  7. W. Kamau Bell Lebron Don Cheadle
  8. The Beautiful Game

    Having been born and raised in beautiful England and then welcomed to the shores of the great US of A and naturalizing here, today’s Beautiful Game is going to be bitter sweet to watch. I love my adop
  9. How many notches have y’all moved up your belts? Be honest now. I’m at beached whale stage.
  10. Turkey Day

    It’s Turkey Day and yours truly was put on a strict vegetarian diet by the nasty vet lady 😞 It’s hard to be thankful at times like these, so think of me while you’re tucking in. To top it all off, he
  11. My wrinkly pupper Piper sends boops
  12. Hello, I'm Keira. I'm no one of particular import, but I'm so happy to be admitted to the party and to be able to continue getting my news, laughs, and Corgi pics from @ @gtconway3d.

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