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Elections geek who rides a Ducati and is an MSF instructor. Disinfo is my sandbox. Deep south ex-pat she|her UGA+VPI+UW.

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  1. MIA: news media as watchdog. Headlines reflect Pentagon spin to North Korea as the bad guy in this story of a defection.

    News media have faithfully regurgitated official statements about Private 2nd Class Travis King’s defection to North Korea. The focus on North Korea holding an American follows Pentagon deflection . 1. Why/where/how long had King been in a South Korea prison (reportedly for assault)
  2. Employers lose monopsony power in tight labor market coupled with public policy safety net

    A word you don’t see everyday (or often enough): #monopsony . It’s the flip side of #monopoly (when sellers have extreme power over buyers). In monopsony, buyers have the power. There are fewer employers than potential employees, in the main. So it’s pretty awesome to read (belatedly
  3. Clarence Thomas must resign or be impeached

    The drip-drip-drip of his questionable ethics is becoming a flood. Kudos to TheGuardian for dogged reporting. This time: Senior litigators at prestigious law firms used Venmo to pay a Thomas aide. The money appears connected to “Thomas’s 2019 Christmas party.” All were former cle
  4. News orgs need to publicly acknowledge how their reporting led to climate change denialism

    Commentary from @pbump today is glaringly silent on how both-sides reporting contributed to American belief that #climateChange was contested in the scientific community. It also ignores the tobacco industry’s successful propaganda model of corporate
  5. What happened to user-ownership?

    Just as union membership has plummeted... so has knowledge/understanding of user-owned businesses (“cooperatives”). Cooperatives are the only US business group where the owners are legally allowed to “collude” to set prices for resale (Land O’ Lakes, Liberty Mutual, Ocean Spray,
  6. AP ignores Russian claim that it’s a victim of the West, like Jews under Hitler

    Putin’s government continued pushing anti-Semitic agitprop Wednesday. At an annual press conference in Moscow, Russian Federation Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov publicly compared Western support for Uk
  7. Twitter announcement about blocking links is vaporware for every site except Mastodon.

    Sunday morning, Twitter support announced a new policy with regard to Twitter's allowing external links to competing websites. Supposedly, Elon was blocking links to a half dozen sites, included Post.
  8. Curate your timeline !

    I truly don’t understand complaints about seeing posts (here, Twitter with some exceptions, Mastodon) that they don’t want to see. Don’t follow people who discuss topics you’re not interested in.
  9. WTG NC!
  10. White Power.

    A violent subset of White Supremacists. That’s who Trump has legitimized. 🎁 link - please share Recommended by Princeton historian Kevin M. Kruse
  11. Wisdom far beyond these digital spaces. A reminder to self to learn more about Buddhism.
  12. Post fail 😢

    Argh. I know better than ✍️ in a beta environment rather than write elsewhere and then paste. But I just did. And didn’t make a copy. Got frustrated because every time I pasted a link, nothing happene
  13. Introduction (via Stephen Colbert)

    PB&J Unworn scarves Snakes Apples Yes (Count Basie and Wilt Chamberlain) Join the collective unconsciousness Peach cobbler Puke Yes Sparkling Camera|iMessage ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ ‘Crazy On You’ 42 Pleas

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