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We still love Boomers, Classic Rock and all things Motown and Michigan. Hear us live at

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  1. Hi everyone! This #PostDrop is for everyone that wants to personalize their feed. You can now save your favorite topics and they will appear as tabs on your feed! How to Favorite Topics Tap the edit bu
  2. Via Jimmy Webb: This week in 1967, Glen Campbell's first Top 30 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 peaked at #26; it was of course Jimmy Webb's "By the Time I Get to Phoenix". It spent 11 weeks on the Hot 1
  3. #Elvis #ElvisPresley #Christmas “Elfvis.”
  4. Ever watch Clutch Cargo?
  5. The Keener apps: Now streaming on when you buy Wi-Fi on every Delta flight. Take #Detroit with you wherever you go!
  6. 59 years ago this week. Leading up to Keener 13’s first Christmas. WKMH had switched to WKNR a few weeks earlier, on Halloween, 1963. #detroit #vintage #radio #christmas #dearborn #michigan

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