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Katherine Alejandra Cross


Scholar | Critic | Woman-about-Town

Seattle, WA

Sociologist | Mistress of Information Systems | Techie TransLatina Ph.D Candidate at the University of Washington iSchool | Researching: online harassment, shame, and anti-social behaviour.

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  1. Speaking of affordances, this is already proving to be an interesting exploration of's. It's all a bit like playing a new video game and doing silly things just to see if you can.
  2. Introductions

    Alright, so, who am I? A sociologist and information scientist, and a Ph.D candidate at the University of Washington. I've written about and studied video gaming, tech, and their intersections with th
  3. Useful!
  4. Greetings, Posters. Post-Its? Posties. Postulates. Postheads. Portisheads? Either way, I'm here.

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