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Characters & Railways Illustrator, Web Designer


Japanese Illustrator, Web Designer, Manga Creater I will post information about railway events that I was involved in, such as giving presentations and providing illustrations.

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  1. There is the slang "Twitter難民" (Twitter refugees) in Japan. I saw the post “Bird site refugee” in Bluesky just a while ago. It is interesting that the choice of words is common in the Japanese-speakers and the English-speakers. #Twitter
  2. Post news is alive!
  3. Onji Shrine, Yao city, Osaka
  4. Iga city, Mie, is famous for ninja. How about Ninger ale as a souvenir?
  5. Iga Ueno Castle Iga City, Mie
  6. Japanese temple with manga characters

    Oh, there are characters that we've seen somewhere, right? I found... Spirited Away Demon Slayer and Spy x Family! Ofusa Kannon Temple Lantern festival is being held there. Kashihara city, Nara pref.
  7. Rape blossoms are in full bloom at the Fujiwara Palace Site. Kashihara city, Nara Pref., JPN
  8. Misskey: Post-Twitter Japanese Social Media

    There are many post-Twitter social media in the English-speaking world, including #Mastodon , #Nostr , and here By the way, text-based social media such as #Twitter have great power in Japan. The reason for this is that the 140-character limit is compatible with Japanese,
  9. Twitter has the blue bird, Nostr has the ostrich. Are there any characters on Post.? If Post. were a character, what would it look like?
  10. Japanese Cat Day 2023

    February 22nd is Cat Day in Japan. On this day, many photos of cats and illustrations of characters wearing cat ears are shared on social media. The reason why February 22nd was chosen is that the sound of the cat's meow " nyan " and the Japanese "2" ( ni ) are similar in pronunciation
  11. Hankai Train 161, over 90 years old, runs fast at a charter event

    The Hankai Electric Tramway, where the event took place, connects downtown Osaka with the historic suburb of Sakai. Popular for its nostalgic look, the series 161 was built in 1928. On the train, Mr. Toshihiro Fukuhara, who retired from public relations at a major private railway c
  12. Sky×Train

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