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educator, nature lover

Tucson AZ

Retired educator keeping up with the Wrong and chasing the BS. Enjoy photography, nature, cats and dogs

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  1. #Caturday Can you find the kitten?
  2. Boycott them all
  3. Happy #Caturday #catsofpost ? I don't know what happens if he catches his tail
  4. For your signature. This cruelty needs to stop.
  5. If you need to know
  6. Yes, she is
  7. #Politics
  8. That would be the GQP future
  9. Much needed info these days
  10. Worth the read
  11. Bowl of kitten, anyone? Happy #Caturday
  12. Paybacks for all the lizards chased and those unfortunate enough to be caught. #dogsofpost
  13. What ever did happen with the investigation into Russian money going to the NRA?
  14. Putin is the modern incarnation of Hitler. Trump is Putin’s chief global ally. CNN just gave Trump a virtually unfiltered soapbox platform.
  15. I agree
  16. Spring afternoon in the desert with a bonus moon
  17. Happy #Caturday #PostCats
  18. This could be a problem
  19. Happy National Pets Day from Bootsy. May everyone have their favorite toys today

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