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  1. It is with a heavy heart that I share this sad news with you. Despite how much we’ve accomplished together, we will be shutting down Post News within the next few weeks. We have done many great things together. We built a toxicity-free community, a platform where Publishers engage
  2. What Is A Whip & What Happens If It’s Withdrawn?

    With a raft of scandals hitting UK politics recently we've been hearing a lot about MPs having the "whip" removed. But what is the whip, how does it work and how can it be taken away? In my new explainer article I take a look at the history behind the position of "The Whip", what
  3. New Video: Trump vs Babies

    Recently The Orange Man released a video talking about his stance on ab0rti0n in the US. The video is quite important due to the backlash the Republican party were receiving after significantly impeding people's access to reproductive health care across a number of States, most no
  4. American Nightmare - TV Series Review

    📺 New Review 📺 In March 2015 Aaron is tied up in his home and his girlfriend Denise is kidnapped. Little did they know that this was just the start of their nightmare at the hands of the police and FBI. #TVShow #TVReview #review #Netflix
  5. Victoria Atkins vs Naga Munchetty & Sutton Stracke

    Sutton Stracke from "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" got wind of Victoria Atkins BBC interview and decided to ask the important questions - do we think Victoria names the NHS trusts doing so well? #UKPolitics #NameEm #Conservatives #SaveTheNHS
  6. Sadiq Khan vs Crime

    The Conservative party released an attack ad on London Mayor Sadiq Khan's stance on crime They had to delete it when it was pointed out it used footage from New York in it - whoops! The style of advert is.... "interesting" to say the least and I just HAD to give it the Katy treatme
  7. Trump vs The Bible

    With Trump desperately looking for an infusion of cash, over on Truth Social he's taken to promoting the "God Bless The USA" which is a version of the King James VI bible along with The US Constitution, Declaration of Independence, The Bill of Rights and The Pledge Of Allegiance S
  8. Project 2025: A Manifesto On Authoritarianism

    Project 2025 is a manifesto on how the next Republican President of the United States will shake up the government from the ground up. What are their plans and should America be afraid? #Project2025 #uspolitics #2024election #HeritageFoundation
  9. Rishi Sunak: Extremism vs Reality (YouTube Video)

    Rishi Sunak repeatedly told us in his speech last week that WE need to be more tolerant and accepting. In the video linked below I've taken just some of the times that the Conservatives have not upheld the values they are asking us to live by. Tory hypocrisy is alive and kicking
  10. 📽 New Review: Madame Web📽

    Paramedic Cassandra Webb unlocks psychic powers & protects mysterious young women from a deadly threat. Action-packed origin story for a new hero in the Spider-Man Universe #MovieReview #MadameWeb I watched it so you don't have to - you can thank me later!
  11. Pulse (Copyright Free Music) - Out Friday 1st March

    Reminder! Save my new track "Pulse" which is out everywhere on Friday! Can't wait for it? Links below! "Pulse" Is copyright free for you to use in your videos, streams and short form content Pay What you want on Ko-Fi: Pay What You Want on Ko-Fi Bandcamp: Or watch the music video here
  12. Anyone But You Film Review

    As "Anyone But You" has hit Amazon Prime here in the UK thought I'd take a look at the highest grossing live-action Shakespeare adaptation* Ben and Bea have a wedding to attend. The problem? They can't stand each other. Can they sort out their differences or will the fact they ca
  13. Breathtaking TV Show Review

    We go inside the NHS response to the pandemic and follow a group of doctors on a London hospital ward as they battle not only COVID-19 but Government bureaucracy and their own emotions. #TVShow #TVReviews #reviews

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