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Kathy Siranosian


Ghostwriter|Corp Comm|Editor

Boston, MA

I help leaders in science and business write their books, bylined articles, blog posts, keynote speeches and more. For 18+ years, clients have relied on my expertise, creativity, agility and discretion.

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  1. This is a tragic night over on Twitter. Do me a favor please, on Twitter my handle is @_AdrianWright , I’m assisting with providing direct invitations to Post issued thru Post staff. If you personally
  2. As we start our work weeks... "Small Kindnesses"
  3. The six perfections (paramitas) are classical virtues in #Buddhism that train the mind and better the world. Here are ways I'll be trying to apply them on Post. 1. Generosity (dana) . By all means, sm
  4. #tips
  5. Useful tip for (re)building your network:
  6. #HappyThanksgiving #pie

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