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Screenwriter by trade, ADHD, long time Indian cook, Sat morning Cartoon voice, Uklulelist, Clio winner, Los Angeles radio veteran, film dubber, 2xcancer survivor

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  1. Shrimp and Grits Are Here For the New year!

    Shrimp and Grits for the New Year, but they make a great Breakfast, Brunch or Dinner any old time, and don't get me started on the Grits cakes coming after this! Get the recipe here. I've been publishing the Colors of Indian Cooking since 2009, it's my labor of love. I cook every
  2. New Year New Dessert

    Here's a lovely Italian bread /cake that's great for any festive occasion, and even brunch too! Stale it makes a winning bread pudding too! Thanks to all the great people I've met and found on this site this last year. I hope the New Year brings all good things to you.
  3. A fast and easy curry for T-Day week #indianfood
  4. For Halloween, try a twist on Peanut Brittle...Go Indian style with Chikki
  5. Here's a risotto recipe fast and easy enough for a weeknight dinner yet, suave enough for the "company" #risotto #italianfood
  6. While I recover from root canal surgery a few days ago I can't chew much, but you can dig into this Indian pumpkin recipe...perfect for October #cooking #indianfood #veganrecipes
  7. Good morning from Sunny Sonoma where the leaves are falling, and the skies are blue after last nights rain which did a number on my pansies
  8. What happens when someone gives you a big ass zucchini?? Cake! Cake is what happens, and here's how! Double chocolate Zucchini Cake, you won't believe you're eating vegetables.
  9. Who needs butter to bake a cake? Not you if you use this Italian Ricotta Cake recipe
  10. As the strike goes on, I get sciency with chocolate:
  11. Here’s something that’ll make them think you’ve been cooking all day….let ‘em think that 🤷🏻‍♀️
  12. Trying to spend more time away from Birdland , flying the coop for more sensible social media.
  13. coming up next on my substack....Cold sesame noodles in a spicy peanut sauce. Perfect for these hot hot hot days. #cooking #vegan
  14. So let me get this straight. The Supreme Court is only supposed to take cases where there is a real injury and real case or controversy, but it still took and heard the case of a web designer who has never even made a web site, then faked a request by a gay customer for a website

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