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Shamanic Practitioner, Counselor, Life Coach - Hearts desire Dingle, Ireland pint in hand enjoying a great craic. Life long love of politics both in US and abroad. Democracy,Women's Rights,International news,climate action -Truth & facts most important

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  1. What a horrendous development - The current trajectory of twitter is not sustainable. Child sexual exploitation and the COVID decision are just the beginning. These moves are so dangerous and the cost
  2. Took a while - this is fantastic news.
  3. I just paid 1pt to read an article to try it out. I am thrilled that this will be an option for paywalls. Listening to Noam explain it on the Pivot pod makes sense. That said, I am hoping that every
  4. @marcelias glad you are here!
  5. Looking forward to this new platform. Not understanding the coins but I am sure I will learn!

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