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Runs with scissors

Did I say that out loud? Mom, married, maniacal about books, animals, trees, and saving our democracy. Blue to the core.

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  1. My trip into town takes me past this viewpoint. #photography
  2. Joey, Joey, Joey. #dogs
  3. Uh oh, the boss is watching. #photography #cats
  4. There are members of the US House walking around with AR-15 pins on their lapels. That has to be the biggest slap in the face to every parent who has lost a child in a school shooting. I have no words 😢
  5. I can't believe he agreed to do this. I wonder what his mental diagnosis is.
  6. Feline over watch. #cats
  7. Ready to kick January outta here. #photography
  8. Years after the Eagle Creek Fire, damaged beauty. #photography
  9. Breaking out of the fog, Columbia River Gorge. #photography
  10. Brand new here, will not to bite anyone, always a crap shoot, but I've had all my shots.

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