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Kate Burgener


Eater of Pumpkin Pie

Freelance graphic designer, specializing in interactive PDF workbooks, long form documents, and event materials. Supportive and enthusiastic.

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  1. This weird triangular pie was worth the complicated pizza calculations, though we probably won't bother on subsequent trips. (Yes, that's pineapple and jalapeno on a pizza, it's like the vegetarian ver
  2. My husband is calculating the price per square inch of different pizza sizes while we decide whether to try this triangle shaped pizza and I'm so madly in love with him.
  3. Okay, taking a closer look at Post today. I see my first post had a few likes/thumbs up. Any way to see who did that? (I know this is still super in beta, so notifications/seeing who interacted with a
  4. Any platform this is not a thing is not for me

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