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Katherine Ripley


Managing Editor | Photographer | Private Pilot

I'm a cheese and wine loving pilot who doesn't get to fly enough. A frost bite victim who enjoys winter campfires and a tall coffee stout. A mom. A knitter and a hockey watcher. A former snowboard coach. A word nerd.

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  1. I’ve now been regularly writing online for 30 years—not a typo—and spent years as a professor of digital communications at a large public research university in New England. Some of my areas of academ
  2. In need of some holiday cheer? Try making Christmas Wookies. Yes, Wookies.
  3. Friends: Should we get together tonight? Me:
  4. Ideas are for the mind what food is for the body, so the same rules apply: Get some variety in your diet Don’t eat too much junk Try to avoid poison
  5. Not sure if anyone writes about sports on here, but I've never wanted Bruce Cassidy to lose as badly as want him to lose right now. The Bruins are undefeated at home. I know they did you dirty when the
  6. Religious education is important in schools but not for the reason many people think

    My son, 7, learned about Hanukkah at school last week and was outraged that his father has never celebrated it with him. "Uh, dude, neither have we. We're not Jewish. Hanukkah is what Jewish people ce

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