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  1. Why state-building is important: the case of Haiti Haitians deserve a state that can provide them with security, personal freedoms, and economic opportunities, and this can only be achieved if local institutions are given the appropriate training and tools they need to re-gain the
  2. How Zalando uses AI to make your shopping experience better

    Zalando is a European company based in Berlin, Germany, that is equal parts fashion retailer and a tech startup. What started as an online shoe store in 2008, is now the continent's biggest wholesaler
  3. Corsica's 253 year struggle for self-rule

    This year's prison attack on the Corsican nationalist Yvan Colonna reignited the discussion about Corsica's struggle for nationhood from France. Colonna, who died a few weeks after the attack, was fou
  4. Estonia saved its citizens 820 years by moving public services online

    Estonia is a small country with a population of only 1.3 million. In 2005, it became the first country in the world to allow its citizens to vote online in elections, and today 46.9% of those eligible

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