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I’m the better half of “Sassy and the Dude” to the cutest 2yo. Arts and crafts. Education advocate. Early childhood autism educator.

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  1. Maine?
  2. #Florida
  3. Democrats should be running as the party of family values. All families. -Keeping families safe from guns -Supporting family planning -Economic support for distressed families -against family separation policy -doesn’t have a misogynistic sexual abuser leading the party -trying to
  4. Love this.
  5. “America shouldn’t be surprised by where we are today,” Guttenberg said. “It’s all in the numbers. The numbers don’t lie. But we need to do something immediately to fix it.” Doubling the # of guns in 20 years did not make us safer. We were conned.
  6. By: Doyle Rice and Dinah Voyles Pulver, USA TODAY On the eve of Earth Day, President Joe Biden announced the creation of an Office of Environmental Justice as he lays out a plan to make it "the mission of every single executive agency," the White House said. As part of an executive
  7. By: Ashley R. Williams, USA TODAY A group of problem-solving first and second graders in Kansas are designing homes – and they’re not talking Legos. The students at Limestone Community School, a small elementary school in Lawrence, are working with architectural experts to combat t
  8. By: Eric Garcia Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez criticised Republican House Oversight & Accountability Committee Chairman James Comer’s attempts to interfere with the Manhattan district attorney’s investigation into former president Donald Trump. Mr Comer, along with House
  9. #Art
  10. "As a minister, I read the #Bible cover to cover, and that book is full of rape and murder and incest, and I would never read it to a kid. But what do I know? I'm just a #DragQueen ." #BoycottTennessee #LGBT #DragQueens #DragQueenStoryHour #GOPLies
  11. Been a problem, is a problem, will be a problem; until the #Lege is willing to actually devote the resources they chant about to this issue. Addressing the #PMHNP / MD dichotomy would go a long way to a fix. ⁦‪@texaspmhnp‬⁩
  12. But despite Lemoi’s death, the administrators of his channel plan to continue pushing his misinformation—even as his followers share their own worrying possible side effects from taking ivermectin and some question the safety of the drug.
  13. One of my very favourite newspaper articles is about dogs. As a German Shepherd obsessive, I can tell you their description nails the breed. In fact, it describes Apollo's security routine every night before he settles for bed, lightbulb or not. 😆 #Dogs #Humor #Humour #GSD #Germa
  14. Spot on! 🚢
  15. Banned books displayed at Barnes & Noble 😢
  16. awesome to see a new process developed to recycle silicon from dead solar panels big step in making renewable energy more…renewable
  17. #capitalism #environment #profits

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