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  1. By Jan Pospisil / The Conversation Africa [The Conversation Africa] Abyei - a territory roughly the size of Jamaica - is being contested by two countries, Sudan and South Sudan. Abyei, which covers just over 10,000km², is under special administrative status following the terms of
  2. By Nkem Ikeke At the age of 63, Langalakhe Maxwell Vezi achieved the dream he had held since childhood: becoming an admitted attorney of the High Court of South Africa Langalakhe's journey was not easy as the husband and father worked as a builder for years before deciding to go ba
  3. At what point will conservative lawmakers realize how dangerous their rhetoric is? I bet lawmakers know it’s dangerous to these children and that’s the point. The bullying is sanctioned by the adults. These young people have no place that is safe. These young people are daily deg

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