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I like to take photographs, read news, and I have opinions, sometimes they go together. I have a delightful 10yo Labrador, a vegetable garden and some fruit trees, and look forward to raspberry season each year - even if it's just a little crop. Yes to learning new things, it all helps.

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  1. I travel internationally a lot and in most of the cases I end up waiting for my luggage for weeks. I don’t even know it is legally allowed for travel agencies to have such a bad customer service and b
  2. Some things I do 1/3 1. I write the odd #palindrome AFTER LIFE No evil, Its a fog, We fret faded light, A path gilded after, Few go fast, I live on
  3. Every time.
  4. It sure seems like Elon Musk is purging left-leaning Twitter accounts Musk isn't the champion of free speech he claims he is.
  5. W/ the failure of most MSM to call a lie a lie, provide context that requesting Hunter's junk be removed from Twitter is unequal to inciting a coup...brilliant satirists are more essential than ever t
  6. Australia’s trade relations with China couldn’t have got much worse - any thawing is welcome.
  7. At last! Clarity on cookie tracking consent

    This is great! Those data preference/cookie tracking pop ups drive me wild; I can never figure out if I’m agreeing or disagreeing and often end up just closing the tab in frustration.
  8. Crybaby of the year
  9. Unless Hunter’s laptop has Ivana’s autopsy report with toxicology results, I don’t really give af.
  10. Just checking that I can post a photo. I've been getting a lot of 401 errors.

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