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  1. “Reacher” Season 2 is great. Love it all, but the dialogue is the real standout. “Brad?” “Stacey?” LOVE IT!
  2. “Loki” has one of the most lovely and profound endings. A great work, and breathtaking acting and imagery. Pure magic.
  3. Why do the batteries in CO2 and smoke detectors always die at 3 am? And who thought a sporadic chirp you can’t find was the alert we needed?
  4. So a new hot flash drug reduces their frequency by 62%. Placebo reduces them by 42% with no side effects. Pays to read the fine print!
  5. Know Your Basic IP Law Before Citing It

    Someone just told me, “I can’t do that because of copyright,” and then looked totally confused when I asked, “Do you mean copyright? Or trademark?” And, of course, they meant trademark — and were still wrong. Gah!
  6. “Joe Pickett” is a great slow burn. And the perfect anti-“Yellowstone” — and I say that as someone with a deep history in and around Yellowstone and the Rockies.
  7. Swift Holds Back

    “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour” is interesting. Very glitzy, great music, and a living legend already — yet, it only really provides the visceral thrills once in a while. Only when Swift really cuts loose does the concert demand all your attention.
  8. “The Creator” is an excellent standalone movie. Really not quite what I expected. Better.
  9. I would love an SNL sketch showing a news broadcast based in the world of TV first responder procedurals — imagine how much panic the anchors would have with all the things shown in just one week of these shows!
  10. Class Act

    While I can think of at least five prominent people whose deaths I will not mourn, I am sad David McCallum passed away. Class act through and through.
  11. We should have seen it coming when they started calling themselves “webmasters.”
  12. Have you ever had a burger that floored you with how good it was?
  13. You wish your morning looked like this . . .
  14. Brandi Rocks Red Rocks

    Every time I see Brandi Carlile, it’s a reminder how impressive singing harmonies can be. And being awesome. Red Rocks is the greatest live venue on Earth.
  15. Best TV pilot remains “Sleepy Hollow.” That show had a really strong start.
  16. While other features vary, one thing is striking about group pictures of people under 40 — uniformly great teeth.
  17. At a wedding yesterday, someone under 30 exclaimed “Yahtzee!” It’s starting its comeback!
  18. A telescope, a moon viewing lens, and a smartphone pressed to the eyepiece. Pretty good photo given the path.
  19. David Letterman’s recipe for scrambled eggs is fantastic. With the right mustard . . .

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