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Judi Kamien


Nonprofit professional, professional expat, media/politics junkie.

Nonprofit professional (and professional expat) at Springfield (MO) Daily Citizen ... right in the middle of it all. Posts are mine. All mine.

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  1. Finding accurate information in an age of disinformation

    #SGF 's Springfield Daily Citizen just published this guide by reporter Steve Pokin on how to find accurate information online. As a public service, we're making it free to all readers (you do have to
  2. It makes total sense that @clairecmc would be on Post. It's a sensible, no-nonsense, low-drama, show-me kinda place. (We miss you, Senator.)
  3. Interested in neighborhood drama? Infighting? Read the Springfield Daily Citizen's latest on the Springfield, MO University Heights development controversy. Full disclosure: I support thoughtful devel
  4. @Post logo

    Is there a thread yet on how adorable the @Post logo is? I can't get over the period. SO perfect. @noam you're killing it. Also, fellow type nerds, help me. I know this isn't Garamond, but it is human
  5. #DogsofPost (I'm clearly not any better at this platform than I was at the other one)
  6. Oh crap. This is going to be the thing where I follow all these amazingly cool people and never sleep, isn't it.
  7. Oh right. This is Bear. He was billed as a Dachshund/Shih Tzu cross, but our last dog was a Shih Tzu and I dunno, I'm just not seeing it. The tail is VERY Cocker (Spaniel, not Joe) but I will say, he
  8. So far, cats are outnumbering dogs in my feed approximately 3:1. This seems wrong.
  9. Hello ... tap tap tap ... is this thing on?

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